Wolverine vs. Helicopters from the Wolverine Game

Okay let’s admit it, what little we saw of the G.I. Joe game based on the movie left a lot to be desired. I haven’t seen graphics that poor since my SNES, and that’s insulting my SNES. The Wolverine game, on the other hand, promises to be a tad better, if by “tad better” you mean not hiding the game when your friends come over. Or at least, this uncut few minutes from the game featuring Wolverine taking on some helicopters would have you believe this thing could actually be fun.

The game version of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is due out on the X-Box and Playstation consoles May 1st, the same day as the movie. It will feature:

* Cinema quality action sequences with jaw-dropping graphics and detail
* Over 100 custom moves, reflex quick-kills, and long-range lunge attacks
* Rage abilities to unlock special moves and powers
* Utilize Wolverine’s Feral Senses for tactical advantages over the enemy
* Real-time regeneration powers to mend bones and tissues for non-stop combat action

Via GameTrailers.com.