Wonder Woman (2009) Animated Movie Image


Wonder Woman (2009) Animated Movie Image

Keri Russell as Wonder Woman, Firefly’s Nathan Fillion as Col. Steve Trevor, Alfred Molina as bad guy Ares, Rosario Dawson as Artemis, and Virginia Madsen as Hippolyta. Directed by Lauren Montgomery

Author: Nix

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  • Nave Hayder

    Reminds me of THE SEA-WITCH from Disney’s adaptation of THE LITTLE MERMAID. This gluttonous design for Hades isn’t proper at all for the God of the Underworld; I understand that next to Ares, Hades needed to appear vile and terrible and not ‘godly’, but making him FAT and SLOTH-LIKE was a poor choice. Plus, Hades is never a ‘villain’ is he? At least not in the Greco-Roman sense of the deity.

    • Dedpool378

      It’s a comicbook adaptation. Yes he’s been a villain in the comics, and thats what WW is. It’s a different look for him yes, and one I didn’t like either…until I saw the chracter in the movie being exactly what you said “gluttonous.” He’s greedy and does nothing but have his slaves wait on him hand and foot. He’s not a true villain in the sense of the word, he isnt out to destroy mankind or anything…he just wants more slaves. he has a minor but important role in the film which I really enjoyed.