Wonder Woman Gets Some New Digs, in Preperation for a Movie, Perhaps?

I like to think that there’s a reason D.C. Comics is re-designing Wonder Woman for the first time in God knows how many decades, and that’s in preparation for a live-action “Wonder Woman” movie. After all, it’s kind of hard to sell a tall Amazon chick in bra and undies to the non-comic book reading masses. Mind you, it ain’t that hard to sell such a person to comic book readers, but you know, not everyone is brave enough to brave the dark, foreboding corridors of comic book stores, what with their teeming masses of geeks and nerds and guys who have never touched a woman before.

This new look for WW, on the other hand, would appeal to the moviegoing kids. And isn’t that what it’s all about nowadays? The moviegoing kids and their 3D fixation?

Take a look at the newly redesigned Wonder Woman (via IGN) in action, which comes from the pencils of D.C. bigshot Jim Lee himself. This new version of Wonder Woman is set to make her debut with J. Michael Straczynski’s reign on the title.