Wonder Woman Opens a Door and Knocks Down a Gate in Leaked TV Show Clip

Sooner or later, you knew it was going to get out. After all, you don’t dangle something as enticing as a pretty girl in very little clothes and call her a superhero and not expect the fanboys to hunt high and low for it. David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” TV show may have landed on the junk heap before it even got a chance to beguile an audience, but the pilot was shot, so that means there’s a full Wonder Woman TV episode floating out there somewhere.

And now someone has landed the first leaked clip from the show. Take a gander at Adrianne Palicki moving around in the Wonder Woman costume, opening a door and busting down a gate. I’m guessing a free-for-all action scene with the jacked up juiceheads follows, but we’ll never know.

Hint to Kelley and company: sure, NBC may have turned down your show, but you’ve still got what, a full pilot on your hands? Put it on DVD and I guarantee you, this thing will sell like hotcakes.

Clip embedded from Comics Continuum. (That means if you want the clip removed, talk to them, Warner Bros, NOT US.)