Wonderful Up Ad Appears in Variety

Award shows are like the most addictive drugs: inevitably there is much gnashing of the teeth when a winner is announced, because everybody has an argument and no one will concede their favorite, but we can’t seem to get enough of them. There is an award show for every conceivable achievement, as such that it has become a highly politicized process.

Take, for example, the full page ads that studios might take out in order to attract votes, like this one in Variety for Up, which is bound to win best animated film of the year and be included as one of the ten nominees for best picture (by the way, this is such a stunt to pay tribute to films that don’t fit their mold and nevertheless have no chance of winning). It’s really a beautiful ad (available to view at Awards Daily) that highlights the most emotional, care-free, and whimsical moments of the film. Anyone remember the giant Joey Harrington Heisman billboard in Times Square that cast the quarterback as big as King Kong? Unlike Harrington, Up has actually performed enough tomerit the ad.