World of Warcraft Movie Chugs Along Minus Sam Raimi

World of Warcraft Game BoxRemember when Sam Raimi was supposed to direct a live-action “World of Warcraft” movie? Well, that was ages ago, and Raimi is now officially off the project. Not a surprise, since ol Raimi attaches himself to a ton of movies a year, since being a big-time Hollywood director means being able to say Yes to movies you know damn well you’ll never end up doing.

So with Raimi off the film, what happens now?

Legendary Entertainment, who has the film rights to the massively popular Blizzard Entertainment online game (I think this thing, along with its sequels, has sold like a bazillion copies or something, not to mention all those sweet, sweet subscription fees), isn’t giving up just yet. The studio has hired Charles Leavitt to take another crack at the script, which originally had Robert Rodat (of “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Patriot” fame) writing. Rodat was supposed to write an original script not based on any of the games. No word on whatever became of his script, or if he ever finished it.

Leavitt is coming off “The Seventh Son”, also for Legendary, and apparently came up with an idea for a “World of Warcraft” movie that the company took a shine to.

By the way, I tried playing “World of Warcraft” once. I lasted 10 minutes. I blame it on all those years on “Call of Duty”.

World of Warcraft Game Image

Via : Variety