World of Warcraft Movie Details Surface

The only thing I know about World of Warcraft is what I’ve seen on South Park, and I’m assuming Parker and Stone made up a lot of it. Or did they? If not, then it’s going to be a very, uh, well, I’m not sure what it’s going to be like. Thankfully, we have places like Unofficial Warcraft Movie Blog (via) to keep us updated on things. Here are the quick 4-1-1 on the movie: they’re aiming for a $100 budget, a PG-13 rating, and a 2009 release date, and at the moment, the cast/crew is non-existent.

The plot of the film will take place approximately one year before the start of World of Warcraft, including familiar races and terrain, to create what is reported to be a two and a half hour film. In addition, the film will revolve around a “badass” hero with a theme towards conflict and culture from an Alliance’s perspective.

I’m thinking wild action-adventure epic. After all, nothing says “epic” like having a “badass” hero in your movie.

More info on the movie from Empire Online (I have no idea what most of what they’re saying means, but maybe you WOW kids will):

The plot is to take place approximately one year before the game begins. The film will be set in a period subsequent to the Third War. The exact time is unclear but it looks likely to be after Illidan fled to Outland and soon after the Thrall and his allies drove Admiral Proudmore from Theramore. It’s also likely to be before the Forsaken or Blood Elves joined the Horde or the Exodar crash-landed, introducing the Draenei to the Alliance. The film will be concerned with full- scale war between the world’s factions rather than any kind of individual quest. It’s going to be more like a match in Alterac Valley than running an instance. So those of you hoping for Blackrock Depths the movie, with a pitched battle against Dark Iron hordes in the Lyceum followed by our hero wrenching the Dreadforge Retaliator from Emperor Thaurissan’s cold dead hands, will be sadly disappointed.

The protagonists will come from among the Elves, humans, gnomes and dwarves as they struggle against the orcs, trolls, undead and minotaur-like taurens. It’s going to be a weaksauce Alliance film, leaving long-time Hordies with no choice but to suck-it up and abandon the comforting orange hues of Orgrimmar for the girlie-white walls of Stormwind City. Horde ftw!

The film will aim to as closely as possible represent the different character classes that make up the game, so expect to see clear delineations between backstabbing rogue types (in full Deathmantle, naturally) and, demon-toting, curse-throwing Warlocks (nerf plz, Death Coil wtf pwns).

World of Warcraft Movie