World War Z Sequel is off and Running

Brad Pitt in World War Z (2013) Movie Image

Get it? Because the zombies in this one are runners? Ahem.

Thanks to box office muscle to the tune of $500-plus million worldwide, Brad Pitt will be back fightin’ zombies to save his family and the planet in a sequel to last year’s “World War Z.”

Besides Pitt returning as the former UN badass turned unflappable zombie fighter, the sequel previously swapped out director Marc Forster, who had a dickens of a time on the first film, with “The Impossible’s” J.A. Bayona. Moving forward, the studio has now tapped “Eastern Promises” writer Steven Knight to take a crack at the script.

The 2013 movie was notorious for its many behind-the-scenes problems, including an entire rewritten third act that drastically changed the ending of the movie. The last we saw of Pitt’s character, he, along with the world, seemed to have the zombie plague well in hand. Apparently not so much if we’re getting a sequel.

Those zombies, man. They just won’t stay down!

Run, Brad Pitt, run!

Via : Variety