World War Z Sequel Lands Orphanage Director Juan Antonio Bayona

Juan Antonio Bayona

Director Juan Antonio Bayona survived creepy ghost kids in “The Orphanage” and killer tsunamis in “The Impossible”, and he’ll be taking on zombies next in a sequel to 2013’s hit “World War Z”. The director has officially signed on to direct the latest installment, starring Brad Pitt as a former U.N. man pressed back into service when the dead return to munch on the living.

Bayona will be taking over for Marc Forster, who directed the first movie. “World War Z” was a surprise hit with $500 million in ticket sales worldwide.

Ironically, the original ending of “World War Z”, set in a fight for Moscow, was the perfect launching point for a sequel, but it was scrapped in favor of the closed confines terror you eventually saw in theaters. The revised ending would also seem to nip everything in the bud. I guess not, since they’re moving on ahead with “World War Z 2”.

Based very loosely on the Max Brooks book of the same name, “World War Z” had a ton of production problems, all of which were tirelessly documented by the trades and blogs. At the end of the day, moviegoers didn’t seem to care about all that, which once again proves that 99% of moviegoers don’t read and certainly don’t care what the trades are saying about a movie. They’ll watch what they want to watch, and “World War Z”, with Brad Pitt and his flawless blond locks running around saving the world, was exactly what they needed.

Via : Heat Vision