Worst Action Movie Cliches

worst-action-movie-cliches.jpgIt’s funny, but I’ve actually started writing an article similar to this one (“Worst” this and that lists), but I’ve never finished one. I think it’s because, as I write them, I get really depressed by how cliched they are, and how Hollywood screenwriters simply don’t seem to notice because they keep happening over and over and over again. AOL’s Movie site has listed some of the worst examples of action movie cliches, including old standbys like, the villain’s henchmen can’t shoot the side of a barn, and how the girl always ends up being captured by the villain to use as leverage against our hero.

Check out the full list here.

My favorite, and it’s so so true:

3. Government Files at Your Fingertips
No wonder this country’s in so much trouble. Apparently anyone with a laptop and a wireless connection at a coffee shop — or public library or precocious kids’ room — can hack into the super-secret database of FBI personnel files, super-secret defense plans or super-secret blueprints for a massive bomb. That’s what we call freedom of information.

Here’s my addition to the list: if you see an assassin or shooter who shows up wearing a motorcycle helmet, it is usually a woman underneath the helmet. This is surprised to “shock” us because — gasp! — women aren’t supposed to be assassins!

Worst Action Movie Cliches