Writer/Director Chris Wojcik’s Rise of the Animals Coming to DVD This May

Rise of the Animals (2012) Movie PosterIf this turns out to be a joke, I’m seriously going to hurt someone. Go on — try me! Writer/director Chris Wojcik’s potentially awesome no-budget “animals run amok” epic “Rise of the Animals” is clawing its way onto DVD this May, and I’ve gotta admit that I’m unnaturally excited for its arrival. I know I toss hyperbole around this site like I’ve got a license to peddle bullshit, but I’m honestly quite anxious to give this one a whirl. It just looks like fun. I’m almost positive that you won’t agree.

Check out this extremely handy synopsis:

After infiltrating an all girl’s slumber party in a remote cabin, Wolf, an awkward pizza delivery driver spends a passionate evening with a beautiful teen named Samantha. The next morning Samantha is gone, and the cabin in the woods is attacked by a family of deer. After a brutal massacre the cabin is bathed in the blood and gruesome remains of deer and teenage girl. Wolf, his best friend Jake, and Jake’s sister Rachel are the only one’s left standing.

Wolf finds Samantha’s cell phone amidst the blood bath, and the trio set out on an epic, cross-country journey to return the lost phone to the girl of Wolf’s dreams. As animals across the globe turn on humanity and society quickly collapses into chaos, Wolf’s determined spirit pushes him forward against all odds. But is she worth it?

“Rise of the Animals” will descend upon us mere mortals on May 1st, 2012. You can check out the official trailer, as well as Alien Bee’s exclusive clip, by venturing to the magical land below. If information is what you crave, head over to the official Facebook page.