Writers Strike Delays 24 Season 7

The first casualty of the writers strike, which is only three days in, has surfaced, and it’s FOX’s action-adventure series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, set to go into its seventh season in its normal premiere date, mid-January 2008. Now that won’t happen, because FOX is worried they won’t have nearly enough episodes to complete the show’s run. Remember, 24 is probably the only show on TV that is shown non-stop, without any hiatus in the middle of a season. It premieres and runs for 24 straight weeks until the season is completed. Now with the strike having started, FOX is worried, and has decided to be cautious instead of fearless, and has axed 24 from its January schedule.


Faced with the possibility of a partial Season 7 of “24,” Fox has opted not to air the real-time drama at all this season.

“It’s not a decision we wanted to make, but it’s one based on how we feel the viewers expect us to schedule the show,” said Preston Beckman, Fox’s scheduling chief.

The decision to act quickly so early in the strike also was prompted by the large amounts of marketing money associated with the premieres of new series and the annual launch of “24.” The network began airing promos for the upcoming season of “24” during the World Series and on a big screen in Times Square.

Well screw it. I wasn’t for or against anyone via this strike, but now I’m just pissed. I love 24. That’s one show I can always count on to show up in mid-January and run for 24 weeks straight without some stinking hiatus to screw up my viewing habits. And now I can’t even count on that anymore.

Bloody hell. Stupid rich people and their arguments…

Writers Strike Delays 24 Season 7