Writers Strike Set for Monday

It’s official, folks, Hollywood writers are set to walk the picket line on Monday, tomorrow. This means film and TV writers will walk off the job (or actually, just not go to work) in protest of not being able to share in the profits generated from DVDs and programming on the Internet, the main sticking point in the labor talks with the big studios and networks. The unanimous vote to strike on Monday would make this the second time since 1988 that the writers have strike. No one really knows how this will affect the industry in the long run, but in the short run it’s already killed the Heroes spin-off Origins and is threatening to shut down the rest of the show’s season.

More from the AP:

The first casualty of the strike would be late-night talk shows, which are dependent on current events to fuel monologues and other entertainment.

Comedy Central has said “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” would likely go into repeats as well.

Daytime TV, including live talk shows such as “The View” and soap operas, which typically tape about a week’s worth of shows in advance, would be next to feel the impact.

The strike will not immediately impact production of movies or prime-time TV programs. Most studios have stockpiled dozens of movie scripts, and TV shows have enough scripts or completed shows in hand to last until early next year.

There could be widespread disruptions in Hollywood as other unions support the writers.

In a word, it’s all FUBAR.

Writers Strike Set for Monday