Writers Strike Update: We Are All Screwed

Well it looks like all our worst fears regarding the Writers Strike has come to fruition: the studios have said “screw’em” and are digging in their heels. Which will translate into TV becoming a vast wasteland of crappy Reality TV programming, and on the big screen — well, it’s still unclear about the big screen. The studios will probably have enough “ready to go” (or as ready to go as they’ll ever be) scripts to keep shooting for years to come — and let’s face it, how hard would it be to get a writer or two to rewrite a project under the cloak of secrecy? This is Hollywood, after all, where they pretended Rock Hudson wasn’t gay for decades.

The LA Times has a long and in-depth article on what’s currently happening with the Writers Strike — re: it’s ugly. It’s real, real ugly, folks. Some excerpts:

The studios don’t want to make any concessions to the Writers Guild of America that would set a precedent for the SAG negotiations. In fact, many insiders believe the studios are trying to crush the writers as a way of signaling to SAG members that they can expect similar treatment if they don’t soften their negotiating stance.

The studios have little to lose by stonewalling, since it’s all too clear that they can win any prolonged strike. Their pockets are too deep, their weaponry too strong. But at what cost? Even many studio supporters admit that squashing the WGA after a prolonged strike would be something of a pyrrhic victory. If network TV turns into a 24-hour reality TV and game show channel, it will simply accelerate the trend of young viewers deserting the tube for the Internet.

In a word, if you enjoy quality TV or movies, you’re screwed.