WTF? David E. Kelley Developing a Wonder Woman TV Show?

Let me say that again: WTF? David E. Kelley? The guy behind all those “quirky” (aka asinine and ridiculously cookie cutter in their quirkiness) lawyer TV shows like “Ally McBeal” and “Boston Legal”? That same David E. Kelley? Doing a superhero TV show with, you know, action and junk?


THR says the suits at Warner Bros. are currently attempting to get that very same David E. Kelley to develop a new TV version of Wonder Woman. Since the movie (including a version by Joss Whedon) has been in development hell seemingly forever, with no signs of ever breaking free, going the TV route may be your best shot at seeing a flesh-and-blood Wonder Woman fighting crime anytime soon.

Of course, a new “Wonder Woman” TV series will be a rebooted version that will, no doubt, offer up a more contemporary Amazon Princess. Since Wonder Woman herself has always been represented as a major feminist character (the, uh, classic “costume” notwithstanding, though her more “modern” look would work better in today’s world — they did “revamp” her for a reason, right?), bringing her into the modern world seems like a no-brainer.

Obviously it’s all about the presentation here. Present it correctly, and you have a hit. Do it badly, and you have a show that people will mock.

But still …. David E. Kelley???

'Hi, everyone, I'm David E. Kelley, and yes, I am mystified by this news as well.'