WTF? Eminem is the Punisher, Wolverine’s Got Milk

If the leaked “Wolverine” movie doesn’t dent the box office receipts for Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, then allowing their leading man, in full Wolverine get-up to do the “Got Milk?” ad might just do it. Wolverine sure doesn’t look all that feral and badass in the ad, even with the claws all snickt‘ed and what have you. Meanwhile, rapper Eminem decided to dress up as The Punisher for his XXL cover to promote his latest album, which makes fun of hot topics like, er, you know, that Palin chick from Alaska. Yes, Eminem is current like that, if by “current” you mean about a year too late. Say it with me now, “WTF?”

Wolverine’s “Got Milk?” ad (via):

Eminem as The Punisher in XXL Mag. Why does it look like Eminem is expecting a bad episode of “Cops” to show up at his front door at any moment? Dude looks, er, worried.