X-Files 2 Plot Details? Maybe.

If I’m reading what Moviehole says about “The X-Files 2” correctly, they’re telling me this sequel is basically a launch pad for new characters to take over the series. Or maybe I’m just reading it wrong, but did I just read that Mulder and Scully won’t even show up in the movie until nearly an hour in? And that they are “on the run” for some reason? Huh. I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to the end of the TV series, but didn’t it end with Mulder and Scully in a motel somewhere enjoying each other’s company?

Here are the details for “X-Files 2” with POTENTIAL SPOILERS according to Moviehole:

The first big moment of the film occurs in a travel agency where a crazed man – someone convinced of alien life – is holding some folks hostage. Agents Winlock, Darby and Plummer (the new Mulder, by the sounds of it) are in charge of the hostage situation – and promise the man safe passage for him and doctor Schwartz. The kidnapper wants to take the doctor to an alien abduction site.

Other characters in the film include female agent Samantha Pitney, and Robert Coe – sounds like he’s one of the main’s – a police psychic who we’re introduced to early on in the film when he volunteers to search for a missing girl (no doubt another alien abductee). Coe’s a mysterious one too… seems he’s under investigation for murdering his own son. I’m thinking Lance Henriksen might be in the mix to play this character (and not Frank Black, the character he played on the series) – it seems to fit him like a coaxial chord in a TV.

Now I don’t know when Mulder and Scully enter the picture, but it sounds like it’s not in the first half hour of the movie.

In any case, it’ll still be nice to see Gillian Anderson back on American soil. Why exactly did this woman had to go to Britain to get work? Stupid Hollywood.

X-Files 2 Plot Details