X-Men 4 in the Works? Josh Schwartz Says Yes

I know what you’re thinking: “Who the hell is Josh Schwartz”? You might not know the name, but you definitely know his handwriting on TV. Josh Schwartz (pictured, left) is a pretty big name in TV, having created FOX’s The OC before wondering over to NBC with one of last year’s surprise hits, the geektastic Chuck. According to Schwartz himself, he has been hired to write the next “X-Men” movie, which is described as “a prequel of sorts” set at the Xavier Instituted, aka Mutant High.

Blackbookmag has the news (via Joblo.com):

Something he can talk about, however, is news that he will pen the screenplay for the next installment of X-Men, a prequel of sorts. “I’m very well aware that I’ll be bludgeoned by purists, but I love its mythology, and it comes with a pretty hefty paycheck.” Of the project, he beams with excitement about the opportunity to involve lesser known X-Men characters who haven’t yet been portrayed on film. It will center on teenage characters at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. “It’s not like I’m adding new characters like Toaster Head, or anything like that.” Despite his enthusiam, he’s cautious, given the double-edged sword inherent in the seemingly inexhaustible renaissance of the genre. “The Hulk looks like it’s going to be terrible. And why does he look like he’s fighting against the monster from Cloverfield? I mean, with Transformers, it’s not like fans were going to come back saying, ‘You used the wrong car.’ This, however, is a different story. Of his predecessors and their successes (or failures), he says, “Brett Ratner didn’t have a lot of credibility going in to the third X-Men movie, but I think Bryan Singer [who directed the first two installments] got a free pass on Superman Returns because of his work on X-Men.”

Wow. The guy from The OC is going to write the next “X-Men” movie. That’s not so hot. On the bright side, the guy from Chuck is going to write the next “X-Men” movie. That’s not so bad.

From what Schwartz says, it sounds like “X-Men 90210”. A live-action version of “The New Mutants” circa 1990s, perhaps?

What say you all?

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