X-Men: First Class Sequel Shoots Next January


Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: First Class (2011) Movie ImageThat “Hunger Games” sequel may or may not have a director (depending on how Lionsgate handles original director Gary Ross’ demands for a bigger paycheck the second time ’round), but it’s definitely got its star in Jennifer Lawrence, who has been cleared by rival Fox studio to do the Lionsgate sequel later this year.

After which, Lawrence would segue onto Fox’s “X-Men: First Class” sequel. (I’m guessing by that time, the film will have gotten a new subtitle. “X-Men: Second Class”, perhaps?) The sequel to “The Hunger Game”, titled “Catching Fire”, is expected to shoot this August or September for a quick 2013 release.

There was apparently something of a ginned-up dilemma for the two studios, as Lawrence is contractually obligated to appear in both sequels, though admittedly her role in “The Hunger Games” is way more valuable/necessary, whereas she was just a cog in the “X-Men” machine, one that could have been easily replaced with a simple explanation. She does play a shapeshifter in the series, after all. (See video below for evidence.)

But rest easy, “Hunger Games” and “X-Men” fans — Lawrence will almost certainly appear in both franchises in 2013 or thereabouts. In case, you know, you were worried.

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Author: Nix

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  • DrSftpork

    While I realize that much of this movie’s was to establish Magneto, I REALLY want to see a sequel with Mr. Sinister! How awesome would that be?

    • DrSftpork

      At some point I’d also like to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

    • Juggernaut

      The next film should definately pit the newly formed X-Men against Magneto’s Brotherhood. It is the one thing that was lacking from the first trilogy. Besides the weak ass final battle at the Statue Of Liberty there was almost no action between the two factions. I’d really like to see Sinister and maybe the Marauders brought in mid -film and end with a cliff hanger settng up Apocalypse. I’d also like to see some form of the Friends Of Humanity formed to begin their battle against the homosuperior race! In the third film we’d see a full fledged Apocalypse and his horsemen vs. a united X-Men and Brotherhood!

      • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

        While I appreciate your zeal you have to remember thT according to Fox this is in continuity with the first trilogy. So all that stuff about the FOH wouldnt work unless they somehow get completely shut down by the time we get to the firat X-men film. That said I think starting with that confrontation between the two teams would be great but Sinister and his Marauders should be the big bad with The Brotherhood having to help the X-men defeat him. The Apocalypse cliffhanger stands.

  • DrSftpork

    Wouldn’t it also be awesome if it took place a few years in the future, during the Vietnam war? If they somehow moved the setting to revolve around Vietnam, like they did with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and if Schrieber were willing, show a subplot where we see Sabertooth lose it, as was alluded to in the opening of X-Men Origins.

    Magneto is now an underground terrorist leader, freeing captive mutants, starting the Brotherhood, which is quickly corrupted by violent tactics. Professor X uses the X-Men as counter intelligence to try and thwart his terrorism efforts, in an attempt to save mutant-human relations before mutants really become public knowledge, so they aren’t debuted as threat. These clashes would be the first half of the movie.

    Magneto is informed that the government plans to use a mutant with an ability similar to a nuclear blast in Vietnam as a weapon. Magneto is horrified by the use of a mutant as a weapon. Professor X is informed of the same, though he can’t pick up a mutant with that power on Cerebro. Professor X wishes to shelter the mutant from harm. Stryker also learns of the mutant, and wishes to acquire that mutant for his team. All three send their teams into Vietnam to find the mutant.

    Sinister leads the Marauders, claiming that he wishes to simulate a nuclear attack, so that the Russians believe that the US is now willing to nuke communist countries. He has been aiding the Viet Cong with the Marauders, in an effort to draw out the conflict, and make the US appear more desperate.

    As the Brotherhood, the X-Men, and Stryker’s team all wind through the jungles of Vietnam, pursuing Mr. Sinister, they occasionally cross paths and clash. They ultimately all team up to find him, though they obviously have different purposes in mind once they find the mutant. They breach Sinister’s stronghold, and engage him and the Marauders in battle.

    As the mutants become overwhelmed, Professor X mentally disables all of the Marauders, as he attempts to figure out which one of them is the “nuclear” mutant. Mr. Sinister escapes in the confusion.
    Though the crisis has been averted, Professor X learns that there never was a “nuclear” mutant. It is revealed that the plot was staged, so that Sinister, who was the “informant” to all parties involved, could get all of those powerful mutants together to sample their genetics for later experimentation (perhaps through his ability to recombine molecules, he is able to recreate and store the dna of each mutant that comes into physical contact with him during their all out brawl, searching for superior strains to replicate).

    Professor X has an uneasy and obviously temporary alliance with the Magneto, and Magneto shows that Professor X is willing to do the same type of “terrorist” things that he is, if it suits his purposes. Magneto recruits Sabertooth as a double agent, who will keep him informed of Stryker’s anti-mutant activities. Professor X grapples with the inevitable militarization of the X-Men, and decides that the X-Mansion must become a full-scale training facility. He also realizes that he must attempt to recruit as many of the mutants as he can before Magneto does, so he cannot poison them with his ideology. Though this is a direction he does not want to go in, he realizes that he does not have a choice.

    Mr Sinister begins his research, searching for strains of mutant dna that will suit the purposes of his master- Apocalypse.

    • Jose Filion

      damn man you really thought this out! doesn’t sound to bad!

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

      NICE!!! VERY NICE!! I like it alot!!!