X-Men First Class’ The White Queen is Not Out of January Jones’ League

Despite reports that Alice Eve (“She’s Out of My League”) had all but been cast as Emma Frost aka The White Queen in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming “X-Men: First Class”, that turned out to not be the case after all. Premature casting, perhaps.

In any case, Deadline reports that “Mad Men’s” January Jones (left) has snagged the role from Eve. Emma Frost (below, in all her minimal clothing glory) is a potentially pivotal role in the film, if rumors prove true and Kevin Bacon, long announced as the film’s main villain, turns out to be a member of the Hellfire Club, of which Frost is a main member.

Also added to the cast: Zoe Kravitz as Angel, Bill Milner as Magneto Jr., and Morgan Lily as young Raven.

Two notables here: casting Kravitz as “Angel” is interesting, because the only Angel I know from X-Men lore is the male, winged flying one. So does this mean they’ve switched up Angel’s gender? (Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz FYI.) Also, “Young Raven” could be a younger version of Mystique, whose real name is Raven Darkhölme.

The new faces join James McAvoy as Professor X, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee, Lucas Till as Havoc, and Edi Gathegi as Darwin.

Earlier this week, other castmembers were announced, including Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, Jason Flemyng as Azazel, and Oliver Platt as an unidentified Man in Black.

Shooting on “First Class” begins next week in London.