X-Men First Class Will be Stan Lee Cameo-less

Doing this movie news stuff, I usually end up knowing too much about a movie, and since movies have begun to drop little easter eggs and nuggets into their films, I usually end up reporting on them cause, well, that’s sort of my job, which means few surprises for me when I’m watching the actual movies. But I didn’t really know about Stan Lee’s cameo in “Thor”, and when I saw it, I howled. It was great. I think it was his best cameo, although I thought his appearance in “Spider-Man 2” was pretty good, too.

All that is to say, fans of Stan Lee cameos in Marvel movies mourn, because the Man himself has confirmed that he will not be appearing in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming “X-Men: First Class”.

Why? Stan Lee tweets that “X-Men: First Class” was “filmed too far away” for him to do his part. Which, uh, makes no sense. Um, green screen, anyone? Or, they couldn’t fly Lee over? WTF?

Anyways, at least Lee has confirmed that he’s already shot his “Captain America” and “Spider-Man” appearnaces. And just as an added bonus to myself, I’m not going to read about or report on any of his upcoming cameos so I’ll be surprised when I see them. I suggest you do the same. It’s much more fun that way, don’t you think?

Below, all of Stan Lee’s cameos in the Marvel movie universe so far: