X-Men: Second Class? Third Class? Sequel Talks Galore

Sequel talks are inevitable when it comes to big-budget studio films. It’s parts hope, parts ambition, and parts wishful thinking. Sometimes it actually comes true, but more often than not, it doesn’t. The “X-Men” films, on the other hand, are the kind of safe studio bets that usually results in sequels. Heck, the exception would be if they DIDN’T get sequels. So when Matthew Vaughn, the director of “X-Men: First Class” opines on where he would like to take the sequels, you should listen, cause more likely than not it’s going to happen.

According to Vaughn, the ending for “First Class” perfect sets up a sequel, and he tells Total Film about his plans for those sequels:

First Class is similar to Batman Begins, where you have the fun of introducing the characters and getting to know them, but that takes time. But with the second one you can just get on with it and have a rollicking good time. That’s the main difference between Begins and The Dark Knight.

1962 is far more grounded in the world of the ’50s. I think it takes about five years for a decade to really start getting its identity, so the fun thing about this for me would be doing [a sequel] in the latter part of the decade, where you’ve got The Stones, The Beatles, Flower Power…

Producer Bryan Singer agrees, saying that the idea of taking the X-Men through the decades is “an idea that’s been discussed.” It would all, one presumes, leads up to the events as portrayed in Singer’s two “X-Men” movies.

Of course, this is all assuming that “X-Men: First Class” does well at the box office. Nothing kills sequel talks faster than a box office flop. We’ll find out soon enough when class begins June 3, 2011.