X-Men to Get First Class Treatment, but will Tim Pocock be a Part of it? Updated

xmen-first-class-1There has seemingly been no end to rumors and reports of X-Men spinoff films, including proposals for Deadpool and Magneto origin stories. The films just keep splitting off of each other like mitosis on overdrive. Now Tim Pocock, who played the young Scott Summers/Cyclops in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, has recently confirmed via twitter that he has been cast as the same character in “X-Men: First Class”, a film based on a 2006 comic about Professor Xavier’s inaugural student class.

“Currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010…then X-men first class,” he writes on his twitter account.

No other information is available, and no director has been assigned to the project. X-Men has a diverse reportoire of characters, but there is always the possibility of franchise fatigue. Fox must safeguard against over-exposing their film property.

UPDATE: As of about 2 AM eastern, Tim Pocock has retracted his previous comments: “victim of cruel prank.last tweet=NOT me.AM filming Aussie show till2010.no official word on XM:FC but am interested.please post retraction.” So the alarms have been rescinded for now. It remains a distinct possibility someone did not take the information well and forced him to retract, but it’s difficult to say.