X-Men’s Bryan Singer is Developing a New Twilight Zone TV Show

The Twilight Zone Logo

I’ve always enjoyed the “Twilight Zone” TV shows, from the black and white original hosted by Rod Serling in the ’60s to the ’80s reboot to the 2002 version hosted by, of all people, Forest Whitaker. I’m not sure which version of the show it was (probably the 2002 incarnation), but there was a plot that ran through the entire season, involving an alien invasion, that gave the show a lot of pop.

Bryan SingerAnyways, it looks like CBS is interested in bringing “The Twilight Zone” back to TV, with none other than Bryan Singer in charge. The “X-Men” director has signed on to develop, executive produce and potentially direct the pilot for a new round of “Twilight Zone” madness.

For those who have never seen any version of the series, “The Twilight Zone” was an anthology show, often with a sci-fi bent. Aliens, space, time travel, and other wacky things usually took place to ordinary people, or in some cases (though there are exceptions). Each episode usually had a major Plot Twist at the very end that blew your mind. The original series hosted by Serling, the show’s mastermind, was very good at doing this.

A movie version has been in the works forever, and honestly, I don’t expect to ever see it anytime soon. Ever.

Singer recently directed the ill-fated “Mockingbird Lane” for NBC and producer Bryan Fuller, and is set to direct “X-Men: Days of Future Past” next year.

Via : THR