Xavier Gens to Direct Conan Remake?

It’s almost a given that the Powers That Be will be putting out a “Conan” remake as soon as possible to cash in on the success of “300” and its ilk; but who will be directing it? Rumor has it that none other than “Hitman” helmer Xavier Gens, which may be a good thing if you liked “Hitman”, or a bad thing if you, well, didn’t.

The rumor (and it’s just a rumor at this point, so no need to get overly excited or overly angry, depending on your preference) comes from FirstShowing, who also says that this latest remake will be more faithful to the Robert E. Howard material, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger, in all probability, will not return as Conan, which would make sense if they’re going the remake route and not the sequel route.

That’s pretty much it about the movie. And oh yeah, a while ago a poster for the film popped up. Obviously you don’t see anyone’s face, as this is one of those “producer’s poster” that is meant to tell you the movie is coming, they just haven’t made it yet.