Y: The Last Man Finally Rises in a 20-Minute Fanmade Short Film

Travis Quentin Young in Y The Last Man Rising Short Film

Hollywood has been trying to get Brian K Vaughan’s “Y: The Last Man” made for some time now, but I suspect its best chance of actually ever happening was when it had D.J. Caruso attached to direct and Shia LaBeouf to star a few years back. With those two guys now gone from the project, its chances of hitting the big screen is looking less likely. It’s not like this is a known property, after all, so you need a major star (or a major director) to get it done. And if Shia and Caruso couldn’t do it when they were coming off major hits, I dunno if anyone else can.

Y: The Last Man Comic BookBut hey, why wait for the big-screen version when you can watch a full 20-minute fanmade film of “Y: The Last Man”? Okay, so it’s not quite Hollywood moviemaking, but it’s pretty decent. “Y: The Last Man Rising” was written, directed, and produced by Christian Cardona, and stars Travis Quentin Young as Y, aka Yorick.

Based on one of the most critically acclaimed comics of all time. A mysterious plague has wiped out all men on the planet, and women are left to pick up the pieces of society. The only surviving man is Yorick, an amateur escape artist who is the key to the continual survival of the human race. Special Agent 355 is tasked to protect his life at all costs. Luckily, she’s really good at her job…

IGN and Drake 1129 Productions are proud to present this new short film, made by super fans of the comic. It covers the initial plague that kills any mammal with a Y chromosome (except Yorick and his trusty monkey companion, Ampersand) and an awesome fight between Agent 355 and a fanatical group of Amazons.

Check out the full short below, check it outers.

Via : IGN