Yes, Seth Rogen IS Behind that Preacher TV Series at AMC. Sorry?

Preacher Comic BookThe site Bleeding Cool has followed up on a previous report that AMC has given a pilot order to a TV series based on the controversial Garth Ennis comic book “Preacher”.

According to BC, the show is actually being developed by Sony Pictures Television and not AMC, who has, though, nabbed North American broadcast rights.

Also, yes, Seth Rogen, the man behind pot comedies and the ill-conceived “Green Hornet” movie IS behind the show’s development. Rogen, along with partner Evan Goldberg and “Breaking Bad” series writer Sam Caitlin are the trio that pitched the idea to Sony and got the greenlight.

While fanboys may be screaming bloody murder at this confirmation, Ennis himself is reportedly pleased as punch with Rogen’s involvement.

Moreover, Ennis reportedly believes that it is Rogen and Goldberg who have finally captured the tone which Preacher would need in order to be true to the essence of the now legendary DC/Vertigo comic series. Ennis is expected to be an active consultant if the series moves forward.

I guess you won’t be able to accuse Garth Ennis of being Alan Moore, who simply despises anything movie or TV related having to do with one of his comics. Then again, I’m sure Ennis is getting a nice paycheck from a possible TV show. Just ask Robert Kirkman of “The Walking Dead” fame.

Despite its rather blasphemous subject matter, “Preacher” was able to skate by under the radar for most of its run because it was a comic book, and let’s face it, the vast majority of people don’t read comics. As a TV show, and one that will no doubt be heavily promoted by AMC, you can expect plenty of controversy surrounding it. I anticipate lots of accusations of religious bashing.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen. Looking just as shocked as we are to hear he’s involved in a Preacher TV show.