Yes! The Full Trailer for Mutant Girls Squad is Here!

Mutant Girls Squad (2010) Movie Image

Sometimes I wonder aloud, “Am I a shameless fanboy of Japanese cinema?” All signs, I’m afraid, point towards YES. I suppose there are much worse things to be obsessed about, though I doubt they’re half as cool. Take the full trailer for “Mutant Girls Squad”, for example. There’s a ton of bloodshed, some pretty cool fight sequences, and a delirious arrangement of twisted imagery. You can’t get this sort of cheap cinematic thrill anywhere else on the planet. The full trailer is patiently awaiting your attention. Have fun!

Huge thanks to Twitch for providing the clip.

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  • drstanglick

    Will it be as awesome as TOKYO GORE POLICE? Can't wait to find out.

  • hooligan03

    I can not wait for this movie.

  • hooligan03

    I can not wait for this movie.