Yet Another Perplexing Trailer for Kai Cheung Chung’s Mysterious Island

The clip is a bit longer and there’s certainly more footage, but I’m still not entirely sure what the hell is going on. Then again, if all of that stuff was easily identifiable, I suppose the title “Mysterious Island” would be completely misleading. All I can say for sure is that there are people on an creepy island that’s loaded with all sorts of supernatural tomfoolery. That alone is reason enough for yours truly to add this one to his ever-growing list of potentially awesome Asian horror flicks. If you’re curious as to what, exactly, I’m talking about, check out the trailer below. In my humble opinion, it’s kinda cool.

Before continuing, check out this synopsis:

A group of young people from different countries head to a deserted island for a survivor competition. The winner who lives through the hardships will be awarded with a big cash prize. However this journey turns out to be much harder than they could stand. First, their maps are gone. Then the competitors are being murdered, one by one. They all know the killer must be one among them. The island is under a horrible and timid atmosphere.

Source: Film Smash