Yoon Je-moon Clashes with a Bunch of Young Punks in Dangerously Excited

What happens when a mild-mannered civil servant squares off against an indie rock band? You’re about to find out when director Koo Ja-hong’s upcoming dramatic comedy “Dangerous Excited” hits Korean theaters next month. The film addresses the irritation generally associated with indie rock bands, which is quickly becoming a global epidemic. In some major North American cities, there’s at least one indie rock band every two blocks. Disgusting.

Here’s what the film is all about:

Han Dae-hee, a 7th grade civil servant in the Mapo district office, leads a happy and contented life. In 10 years of work, he has never once lost his temper, even in the face of the most unreasonable complaints. However, he sees change as a threat to his mental health, and consequently never challenges anything. One day, this straight-laced public official meets an ill-mannered and troublemaking indie band, 3X3=9. The Fates repeatedly bring these unlikely bedfellows together, testing Han’s sanity like never before.

“Dangerously Excited” stars Yoon Je-moon, Kim Byeol, Seong Joon, Kim Hee-jeong-I, Seo Hyeon-jeong, and Kwon Soo-hyeon. The film is scheduled to arrive in South Korean theaters this April. I honestly can’t wait to see the trailer for this one.

Via : HanCinema