You Can Now Buy Doctor Who Merchandise with Doctor Who Money

Or buy those latest “Star Wars” bobbleheads with “Star Wars” silver. It’s all courtesy of the folks at the New Zealand Mint, who are currently taking pre-orders for a new line of silver coins designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the British sci-fi time traveler of them all, Doctor Who.

Take a look at what you get. There’s the coin itself (going for $155 a pop), which is made of “.999 Silver” (I have no idea what that means) and features an engraved picture of the TARDIS and 50th Anniversary logo. It will apparently come packaged in a 3D model replica of the TARDIS complete with TARDIS “Vwarp Vwarp” sound when you open it.

Doctor Who New Zealand Coin

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary TARDIS Box

BBC Worldwide Australasia and the New Zealand Mint also have plans to release all 11 Doctors on their own coins in the future, right up to the current Doctor, Matt Smith.

Besides Doctor Who, the Mint also previously released commemorative silver coins for “Transformers” and “Star Wars”. After all, who doesn’t want to pay for their stuff with a Darth Maul silver coin? Or, er, Queen Amidala?

Darth Maul New Zealand Silver coin

Queen Amidala New Zealand Silver coin

The best part about these “Star Wars” coins? There are two series, the first coming in a Millennium Falcon package, with the second series inside Darth Vader’s, well, head:

Star Wars Darth Vader Coin SetStar Wars Millennium Falcon Coin Set

You can buy them over at the New Zealand Mint. Mind you, I have no idea if these coins are good outside of New Zealand, so, you know, may the force be with you and all of that.

Via : SFX