You Can Watch Director Seth Landau’s 2005 Comedy Take Out. For Free. Right Now.

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Years ago, when I was just a wee little blogger with lofty ambitions of writing for a living, I was given the opportunity to review a film called “Take Out”, a low budget indie feature from “Bryan Loves You” director Seth Landau. It was a thoroughly enjoyable effort that, for whatever reason, failed to click with potential distributors. For a while, it appeared the movie was destined to languish in obscurity, which is a damn shame.

Thankfully, Landau and company have posted the film online for all to enjoy. However, it’s not going to last forever, so make sure you schedule a screening for sometime in the near future. I don’t want anyone to regret not checking it out when they had the chance. Because we’ll laugh at you. For real.

Check out the official synopsis from IMDb:

A guy eliminates chain restaurants.

And there you have it. “Take Out” stars Seth Landau, Judd Omen (“Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”), Justin Walker (“Clueless”), Chase Masterson (“Star Trek: Deep Space 9″), and Daniel Roebuck (“The Fugitive”, “Lost”). When you’re ready to see what all the fuss is about, take a peek at the video below. By the way — It’s the whole movie! Technological breakthrough of the century!

Author: Todd Rigney

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