You Can’t Stop the Thunder

Who knew making fun of vain, narcissistic, and overly paid Hollywood actors was so profitable? Ben Stiller, that’s who. The actor-director’s comedy “Tropic Thunder” continued to reign supreme at the box office for the third straight week, knocking off would-be usurpers “Babylon A.D.”, “Traitor”, and “Disaster Movie”. The last film was, thankfully, a disaster, opening at #7 with a $6 million dollar take. Let’s hope everyone who rushed out to see the movie got hit by a car on their way out of the theater, thereby saving the human race from stupid babies in the near future.

In its third week, Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder”, about a bunch of idiotic actors making a war movie, who encounters real enemies, took in $11.5 million, for a 3-week total of $84 million. Not bad, but the film is still about $10 million short of making back its budget. It will undoubtedly earn a profit at the theaters, and should make even more on cable and DVD. Comedies like these usually do.

Meanwhile, Vin Diesel’s sci-fi actioner “Babylon A.D.” opened with $9.7 million, good enough for second place. The film has been publicly savaged by its French director, who accused movie studio Fox of creative interference. Fox, in turn, accused the French director of being a big baby and spending too much money on a piece of crap that they had to save by editing out at least 15 minutes. Who to believe? Crybaby director or notoriously inept movie studio? You decide.

The week’s other notable opening, the Guy Pearce-Don Cheadle action thriller “Traitor” landed at #4 with $7.9 million. It’s not an altogether bad haul for a movie made, by studio numbers, on the cheap with a $22 million dollar budget.

Here’s how the U.S. box office broke down over the weekend (via):

1 ——Tropic Thunder ——$11,500,000 ——$83,834,000
2 ——Babylon A.D. ——$9,700,000 ——$9,700,000
3 ——The Dark Knight ——$8,750,000—— $502,421,000
4 ——The House Bunny ——$8,300,000 —— $27,851,000
5 ——Traitor ——$7,900,000 ——$9,401,000
6 ——Death Race ——$6,228,000 ——$23,078,000
7 ——Disaster Movie ——$6,170,000——$6,170,000
8 ——Mamma Mia! ——$4,418,000 ——$131,509,000
9 ——Pineapple Express ——$3,390,000 ——$79,773,000
10 ——Vicky Cristina Barcelona ——$3,003,000 ——$12,787,000

Traitor Movie