You May Finally See the Red Dawn Remake and Cabin in the Woods Soon

If you’re interested in the movie industry at all, or even a little bit, then you’re already fully aware of MGM’s recent money woes. The financial, shall we say, difficulties that the formerly great studio have encountered in recent years has become somewhat legendary, leading to delays in everything from the Bond movies to releases of completed films like the remake of “Red Dawn” and Joss Whedon’s “The Cabin in the Woods”.

MGM has just now come out from under their troubles, and according to the LATimes, they are currently in the midst of a deal with Sony that would see the other studio take over distribution duties with their delayed titles such as “Red Dawn” and “Woods”, along with co-funding the two Bond movies.

The deal isn’t done yet, but it’s said that the talks are “far along”. The bottom line is, you will end up seeing both titles on the big screen after all. Possibly by the end of this year if we’re all good boys and girls.