You, Too, Can Star in a Uwe Boll Movie! Far Cry, Man!

That nutty German Uwe Boll once beat the snot out of a bunch of Internet fanboys who dared to criticize his works, and now he wants to give you, the viewer, a role in his newest videogame-to-movie adaptation, the first-person shooter “Far Cry”. Of course I know Uwe Boll will eventually fubar it, as he invariably does with all of his movies. (Geez I hope Uwe doesn’t come after me for that crack. I’m too fragile for a throw-down!) Having said that, you, too, can shell out approximately $3000 for a role (probably one of the millions of faceless gunmen that gets gunned down by Jack Carver, the game’s uber hero) in “Far Cry” the movie.

Kotaku writes:

Poor Uwe Boll. Not only is he unnaturally short, he is also a rotten filmmaker. The “director” recently try to eBay a role in his Far Cry adaptation. Bidding started at €2,498 (US $3,360). Not did the winner get five days on the set with Uwe, he or she would also have to cover things like the flight and the hotel. Any takers? No, it seems. The idea that Uwe thinks people would pay to be in his movies, let alone watch them, is HILARIOUS.

So, uh, you want to be a movie star (well, not really) in a Uwe Boll movie? Head over to eBay to place your bid now! (And then run immediately to your nearest temple/church to beg for forgiveness from your Gods.)

Usually when I mention a videogame-to-movie movie, I usually end up saying how I’ve tried playing the game, but didn’t get into it. Not true with “Far Cry”. I loved this game. The graphics, the pulse-pounding shoot-outs — this is one insanely fun game. And to think, someone has voluntarily handed it over to Uwe Boll. Sigh.

You, Too, Can Star in a Uwe Boll Movie! Far Cry, Man!