You Want Badass? The Teaser for Frame 137 is Seriously Badass.

Based on the work of James O’Barr, shot over a single weekend, and featuring a ten year-old who does his own stunt work, director Judd L. Tilyard’s upcoming short film “Frame 137” looks better than 90% of the action movies scheduled for release this year. I’ve watched the damned thing five times now, and can’t wait until I have unlimited access to the entire movie. There’s a plethora of information about Tilyard’s picture over at Vimeo, and I strongly encourage you to investigate the specifics for yourself. However, the insanely impressive trailer lurks below. Close your office door, turn up the volume, and let the cyberpunk-inspired martial arts mayhem wash over you. Unfortunately, that’s as big as the video gets unless you visit the official site.