You Want To Make A Bob Marley Biopic Without The Rights To His Songs? Really?

Deadline reports that Emmy nominated British director Jenny Ash (who’s installment of “America—The History of Us” was introduced by Barack Obama) wants to make a biopic about Bob Marley. More specifically, she wants to make a film about Bob Marley in 1977.

Ash’s feature will concentrate on the year Marley spent living in London in 1977. This was a crucial year for Marley. He’d fled Jamaica after an attempt was made on his life; the year ended with him sustaining a soccer injury which eventually triggered full-blown cancer. It was the year of punk rock; in London Marley hung out with the Sex Pistols. It was also the year of his legendary Rainbow Theatre gig.

There is one minor hiccup of note, however. It seems the filmmakers don’t presently have the rights to any of Marley’s songs. That sounds like a problem. I imagine that would make it difficult to make a movie about his life.

Did anyone else watch the arc on “30 Rock” where the Janis Joplin biopic morphed into “Play Them Blues, Whitegirl: The Jackie Jormp-Jomp Story”? I picture this project ending up like that.