You’ll Have to Wait til 2012 to see Kate Beckinsale in Pleather Again

If Kate Beckinsale decides to come back for an “Underworld 4”, that is. Either way, the horror/fantasy franchise won’t be making a comeback until January 20, 2012, a slight delay after its initial September 23, 2011 scheduling by Screen Gems.

John Hlavin, who is writing the script, promises:

It will satisfy old fans and excite new audiences, meaning that we don’t want to redo the first three movies, so steps are being taken to honor what fans have loved but at the same time introduce fresh elements.

What fans “love” is Kate Beckinsale in tight black pleather fighting werewolves and vampires, fella. Don’t be getting more ambitious than that. This is the fourth entry in the franchise, not the first.

Sometimes you can overthink this thing, you know what I mean?

The fourth film will, of course, be in 3D. Duh.