Young Bruce Lee Lands on Region 2 DVD and Blu-ray with a New UK Trailer

I always thought that Manfred Wong and Wai Man Yip’s “Bruce Lee, My Brother” (going under the title of “Young Bruce Lee” in the UK) worked better as a coming-of-age drama starring some guy who happened to be named Bruce Lee, instead of being about THAT Bruce Lee. As a movie that chronicles the early years of the legendary martial artist, the film probably takes more than a little bit of creative license (despite the fact that Bruce Lee’s little brother Robert produced the film, which is also based on Robert’s memoirs on his big bro), and yes, there is a reason why the trailer below only seems to show two action scenes — one in a darkly lit warehouse, and one in a boxing ring. Simply put, that’s pretty much the only two real action scenes in the whole movie. But as a film about a young Chinese man growing up in Hong Kong during its early cinematic glory days? Great, great stuff.

Now, discover his amazing untold story in this stunning biopic from the studio that brought you Jet Li’s Warlords and the acclaimed Infernal Affairs Trilogy. From his birth on November 27th 1940, discover how Bruce Lee lived through war and persecution and survived the brutal street-gangs of 1950’s Hong Kong before going on to live his dreams.

Showcasing an incredible hi-impact tribute to the celebrated Coliseum fight from Way of the Dragon, Young Bruce Lee is an inspirational motion picture event that is not to be missed!

The film stars Aarif Rahman as Bruce Lee, who bares a pretty good likeness with the right angles, and Tony Leung and Christy Chung as his parents.

Special features on the DVD and Blu-ray from CineAsia, due out May 30, 2011 on Region 2, include:

  • DTS HD Master Audio Cantonese 5.1
  • English Subtitles
  • Audio Commentary by Bey Logan & Mike Leeder
  • Trailer Gallery
  • Making Of Gallery
  • A Cine Asia World Exclusive Featurette