Young Chekov and Young Kyle Reese is the New Charley Brewster in Fright Night Remake

Apparently Anton Yelchin is trying to corner the market on playing younger versions of familiar characters in rebooted franchises. First he filled Chekov’s station in the “Star Trek” reboot, then Kyle Reese’s boots in “Terminator Salvation”, and now he’s set to take over the role of Charley Brewster in the “Fright Night” remake. THR reports that Yelchin is currently in negotiations to take the lead in the Craig Gillespie-directed horror/comedy.

In the remake, as in the 1985 original, Charley Brewster is a high school teen who becomes convinced that his new neighbor is a vampire. In order to prove his theory, Charley recruits a washed up actor who used to play a vampire hunter on TV. The actor agrees, mostly because he’s washed up and could use the cash.

William Ragsdale originally played Brewster in the 1985 original.