Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1 Hits The Streets In July

The Kids of Young Justice
Not sure why the WB continues to fleece their fans by doing this whole “releasing 4 episodes at a time” business strategy when public consumption, as a whole, mostly buys full season sets.  But hey, if you’re an animation junkie like me, you gotta get your fix somehow.  Now, if only they would focus their attention on getting the remaining seasons of Batman: The Brave And The Bold out before my son goes to college in 2021, I could sleep better at night…

More info about the DVD in the press release below:

The newest Warner Bros. Animation–produced hit series on Cartoon Network finally arrives on DVD as Warner Home Video (WHV) unleashes its secret weapon with Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1. These DC Universe teenage super heroes have quickly proven to be a hit as the favorite show among boys 9-14. With non-stop action, Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1 comes to DVD for the first time on July 19, 2011.

In Young Justice, being a teenager means proving yourself over and over — to peers, parents, teachers, mentors and, ultimately, to yourself. But what if you’re not just a normal teenager? What if you’re a teenage super hero? How much harder will it be to prove yourself in a world of super powers, super villains and super secrets? Are you ready to come of age in such a world? Are you ready for life or death rites of passage? Are you ready to join the ranks of the great heroes and prove you’re worthy of the Justice League? That’s exactly what the members of Young Justice — Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis — will find out: whether they have what it takes to be a proven hero.

These teenage heroes collectively become the Justice League’s secret weapon against the forces of evil. The young protégés must put their super hero education to the test and band together to covertly fight the evildoers that exist on Earth-16. Utilizing The Cave as their home base, the teen heroes will take on under-the-radar missions that would be impossible for the league’s famous and identifiable elders to handle secretly.

While the team works to take on more super hero responsibilities, they are in constant training by the Justice League to eventually take their place alongside the great heroes. Red Tornado is their supervisor; Black Canary is in charge of their training; and Batman determines and directs their assignments. Of course, in true teenage fashion, the members of the team push the limits of their missions, often turning a simple assignment from Batman into something significantly larger.

“DC fans have been vocal about their love for Young Justice, so I am particularly pleased to announce our first DVD release,” said Sam Register, Executive Vice President Creative Affairs, Warner Bros. Animation.

“We are thrilled to bring the newest and youngest members of the DC Universe to homes with the release of Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, WHV Executive Director of Family and Animation Marketing.  “As a brand new series, Young Justice is already a favorite and will continue to excite fans with its group of crime-fighting teenage super heroes.”

Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1 is executive produced by Sam Register and produced by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman. The voice cast includes Jesse McCartney as Robin, Khary Payton as Aqualad, Jason Spisak as Kid Flash, Nolan North as Superboy, Danica McKellar as Miss Martian, Stephanie Lemelin as Artemis and Bruce Greenwood as Batman.


Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1

  1. Independence Day, Part 1
  2. Independence Day, Part 2
  3. Welcome to Happy Harbor
  4. Drop Zone

Author: Preacher

  • Dedpool

    Great show but releasing four episodes is such a waste. They’ve ared at least 6, so why not release that. I’ll be waiting for the season but this show is NOT to be missed!

  • Dedpool

    Great show but releasing four episodes is such a waste. They’ve ared at least 6, so why not release that. I’ll be waiting for the season but this show is NOT to be missed!

  • Ceejay Julien

    Started off ok but rapidly degraded with the addition of silly forced female characters like the Martian Manhunter’s niece (What Niece??) and Arrowette who was bad enough in the comics. Robin is way too young in this too and no matter how they push it, that is never Aqualad. Nice fights but wayward conception, can live without it especially at 4 eps at a time on a disc! Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is far better produced and ten times more enjoyable.

    • Blk Flash

      You need to start reading Brightest Day, because that is Aqualad, and as much as I like Avengers: EMH, it is not as good as this.

      This reminds me of Justice League/Unlimited, which was by far one of the best cartoons in the last 10yrs.

      I dont have a favorite when it comes to DC or Marvel, but the way I see it.

      Animation – DC
      Live Action – Marvel

    • Ironfist fan# rogernator5000

       her name is Artemis, and also, yeah is Robin Timothy Drake, because I like Dick Grayson better. I hate Tim’s laugh, so evil, but this is an awesome show