Young Logan (aka Wolverine) Has Seen Better Days in a New Fanmade Short Film

Logan Short Film Poster

Swedish directors Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft were apparently sitting around the house one day and wondered: “Hey, what would happen if some dude caught Wolverine back when he was still a young teen name Logan and beat the crap out of him?” Well, as it turns out, bad things happen. To, er, the dude.

Check out a new fanmade short film that wonders how a young Logan would deal with a brutal interrogation from Climent and Hedetoft, simply titled “Logan”. Like most fanmade short films, the payoff is at the end.

Starring Kola Krauze (“Wallander”, “Solsidan”), Tobias Nilsson and Deepak Tara. Visual effects by Martin Kupski (“Hellboy 2”, “Ninja Assassin”). Music composed by S. Peace Nistades (“Dark Woods”, “Dragon Age: Redemption”).

Check out the “Logan” Official Site. Or visit them on Facebook.

LOGAN from Andreas Climent on Vimeo.