Young Professor X Subs for Young Magneto in Danny Boyle’s Trance

Although apparently it’s not for the same role, but subbing is subbing, right? Plus, it makes for a better headline, and really, isn’t that what’s really important here? Clever headlines? Exactly.

Anyways, Variety reports that James McAvoy has stepped in as the new lead in Danny Boyle’s “Trance”, swapping out with his “X-Men: First Class” co-star Michael Fassbender, who was previously attached to one of the film’s major roles, but has now moved on to other things for unknown reasons.

The film, “loosely” based on a British TV movie by Joe Ahearne, will follow “an employee at an auction house who teams with thieves to steal a valuable painting. But he suffers amnesia from a blow to the head and can’t remember where the painting is hidden.”

Boyle, coming off another successful outing in “127 Hours” with James Franco, will produce and direct the heist flick before heading off to do his propaganda duties for the 2012 London Olympics.