Your First Clear Look at New Freddy’s Ugly Mug in Nightmare on Elm Street


Via Horrorbid, here’s your first clear look at the new Freddy Krueger’s scarred mug, as played by Jackie Earle Haley, who is currently kicking all kinds of ass on the TV show “Human Target”. (Give it a shot if you haven’t.)

Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley) returns in “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” a contemporary re-imagining of the horror classic. A group of suburban teenagers share one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, they can protect one another…but when they sleep, there is no escape.

Starring Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker, Kellan Lutz, Clancy Brown, Connie Britton, Lia D. Mortensen, Charles E Tiedje, and directed By Samuel Bayer.

Freddy makes more teen spam April 30, 2010.

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Author: Nix

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  • dedpool

    HOLY SH!T!!! I mean I had an idea, but damn! That's just, freaky! I LOVE IT! And yeah Human Target is awesome. Really liking it. I really hope it gets picked up for another season.

  • Scarlet

    Does anyone else not notice that he looks like an alien? WTF thats not Freddy.

  • dedpool

    No he looks more like what someone who got that burnt (and survived…kinda) would look like. The Skin would heal but not normally. It would have changed all his features that were left after the fire. Skin melts, and that's what we got. Seeing that come out of the shadows with a clawed hand would freak me out.

  • Janine

    I have to agree that looks nothing like the orginally Freddy. Which is very disapointing…So hopefully that doesn't ruin the movie.

  • krueger_Juggalo

    Looks like a kid with Downs, Kinda sad

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Has aynone that's complaining about Freddy's new look seen an actual picture of a sever burn survivor? ANyone? I have. And this is freakishly close. Burn scars don't stay all pink and gooey the way Freddy's face used to look. It heals, not well, or very nicely but it does. And we still get some nasty bits, (love the cheeks) and it looks a lot worse than before. It's all sinewy and stuff. I dunno what you people are complaining about.

  • noneyabiz

    Wow I think we have a new freddy folks.After seeing Freddy Vs Jason, I always said if they make a new A Nightmare On Elm Street Movie they would have to get a new Freddy Krueger, Because From A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 To Freddy Vs Jason(except New Nightmare) He turned Freddy Into Bugs Bunny With Claws, Freddy wasn't Scary anymore. When Freddy Vs Jason Was Came out in theaters, they made it seem like the movie was gonna be scary and freddy was going to be more serious and blah blah blah. Then i seen the movie. Freddy kill one person and that death scene was gay. And then the pinball scene took the cake. i said if they come out with another Nightmare On Elm Street Movie they would have to not tell Robert Englund that they was making it and go along with some one else. I can't wait till it hit theater.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    LOL Bugs Bunny with claws, thats classic. But you're right. I'll even go so far as to say since part 3. I mean “Prime Times over bitch?” and “Feeling Tongue tied?” just killed me. I laughed so hard and I was like 13. Yeah Haley's Freddy looks to be a return to form for the character I can't wait.

  • Jaharia

    Yes, I don't like this new face. I want Robert to play Freddy againg not this guy.

  • Jaharia

    Yes, I don't like this guy!