Your First Full Look at Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman Costume?

Nah. Looks like someone photoshopped Anne Hathaway’s face from the official “The Dark Knight Rises” picture that Warner Bros. released yesterday onto the body of a Lara Croft cosplay model, and it’s now going around the net as the real thing. It looks pretty good, though, but you don’t really have to look too far to find the actual Lara Croft inspiration. A quick scan of Google Image yielded the original pretty fast. (Some of the commentators on Batman no Cinema also had suspicions this was a fake.)

Here’s the “Catwoman” pic that’s going around now:

And here’s the original Lara Croft cosplay pic:

So unless Christopher Nolan is going around ripping off cosplay now, this is an obvious Anne Hathaway as Catwoman fake, which should make fans who cringed at the photo happy. (They might have also wondered why Catwoman was running around with a holstered sidearm, too…)

Thanks to Mike for the heads up, even if it did turn out to be a fake.