Your First Look at Josh Brolin as Dubya

That wacky George W. Bush, or Dubya as his friends and enemies and everyone else calls him, he sure likes them practical jokes. And when he’s not playing a goof on Colin Powell, he’s going around willy nilly invading countries, challenging his dad to a fist fight, and apparently talking to God on a daily basis. Maybe Hollywood was right, maybe George Bush is the dumbest man alive — who also happens to be the head of every major conspiracy in the whole wide world. Huh? Anyways, I’m sure Oliver Stone will be very, very fair to Bush. Right?


Here’s your first look at star Josh Brolin made up to look like Dubya and Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s forthcoming “W.” biopic. The picture accompanies a lengthy article in Entertainment Weekly. It’s a pretty bloody long article, over six pages. Here are the highlights that will be in the movie:

– A drunk as a skunk Dubya drives up his parents’ lawn and challenges dad to a fight.
– Bush says of former French President Jacques Chirac: ”I’d like to stuff a plate of freedom fries down that slick piece of s—‘s throat.”
– Bush’s contribution to the war on terror? Giving up sweets.

Josh Brolin as George Bush