Your First Look at Saw 4

I tell you, they’re cranking out these “Saw” movies so fast that I don’t think the script even matters anymore. Isn’t it just about getting people together and killing them off in grisly ways now? Anyways, in case you’re still interested in the franchise, Part 4 is currently in production, and MTV has scored your first look at an image from the movie. It’s a torture chair in a room and, um, “Saw” stuff around the place. Like you guys need an excuse to go see this thing on Halloween. So is Jigsaw dead or isn’t he?

Says MTV:

Talking with MTV News, director Darren Lynn Bousman and star Tobin Bell confirmed that Jigsaw was most certainly dead, but also that the movie takes place chronologically after “Saw III,” and that Bell has as much screen time in this flick as he did in the previous installments.

Okay, that make sense. Well, not really, but then again, this is the “Saw” franchise.

Here’s your first look at “Saw 4”: