Your First Look at the Incredible Hulk Poster

And the Incredible Hulk himself. Well, okay, maybe just a silhouette of the Mean Big Green, actually. This comes via Slash Film, who cleaned up the photo originally posted over at Wizard. The poster is nothing to get excited about or anything, but you know, why not? Until something better comes along, this is your first look at the upcoming Incredible Hulk poster, shown at the New York City Licensing Show. Green with envy yet?

The remake/sequel will star Ed Norton as the Incredible Hulk, and be directed by Frenchie Louis Leterrier of “Transporter” fame, and finds the Hulk, on the run from everyone including Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, facing the supervillain menace of Russkie mutant The Abomination, to be played by Tim Roth.

Shooting commences in July, and as the poster says, the movie is scheduled for a June 13, 2008 Summer release.