Your First Look at Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher on the Set of One Shot

Tom Cruise on the Set of One Shot

By now you’ve no doubt heard all the hullabaloo about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher in Christopher McQuarrie’s “One Shot”, his adaptation of the Lee Child novel of the same name, and the first of what the studio is no doubt hoping will be a major franchise for the Cruiser. Even Lee Child himself has chimed in. While some automatically hates the casting and others love it (though admittedly, the former camp are much more vocal), I’m going to wait to see how it all turns out before forming an opinion. I’ve always liked Cruise in an action movie, and height is highly overrated.

Having said that, here’s your first look at Cruise as Jack Reacher on the Pittsburgh set of the McQuarrie-directed “One Shot”. Nothing too revealing, just Cruise looking like Cruise, in shades, wearing T-shirt, jeans, and boots, and getting in and out of a 1970 Chevelle SS.

In the film, Cruise stars as Reacher, a former MP turn drifter who arrives in town to solve the case of a sniper that has committed a mass shooting. Reacher teams up with a female attorney to prove the man’s innocence, while nefarious villains scheme to stop him in the background.

Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins, and Alexia Fast co-stars.

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