Your First Official Look at Paul Bettany’s Priest

There have been plenty of behind-the-scenes looks at Paul Bettany going to and from the set of his new horror/comic book movie “Priest”, but here’s the official look at the film from EW, who is doing one of those “first look” gallery showcases that they do every now and then, always with these tiny ass pictures because they’re apparently trying to save on bandwidth or some such. Honestly, I don’t know who makes the decisions over there, but they suck.

Bettany plays a vampire-hunting man of the cloth in Priest (due out in 2011), set 
in a dystopian future where the bloodsuckers are confined to reservations. ”In our world, priests are like Jedi Knights with special powers and training,” explains director Scott Stewart (Legion). ”Our vampires are more feral and disturbing than, say, the teen-angst vampires of Twilight or the sexy vampires of True Blood. Those vampires are metaphors. Ours aren’t.”

“Priest’s” schedule has been all over the place, but the last time I checked it’s now due out May 2011. I’m guessing the movie will be dumped into theaters and disappear just as quickly. It’s definitely not a mainstream action movie, but I’m almost 100% sure I’m going to dig the hell out of it anyway. Scott Stewart, who also directed Bettany in “Legion”, directs “Priest”.

Note: Shitty EW pic to be replaced with bigger pic when it surfaces.

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